Writing That Never Ends

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Sometimes, I feel like there is no time to write. And then I come across something that I wrote a long time ago. This is the case with the poem I’m about to introduce.

Living in Pain

The pain all over my body does not control my life

The blurred vision does not keep me from seeing

The burning sensations when I breathe at night do not keep me from sleeping

The sharp spasms that shoot from my neck down through my shoulders to my hands do not keep me from writing

The more I write the more I live

The more I write the more people know that I still exist

The more I write the more my words may matter to someone

The more I write the more my pain does not matter

Salt and Pepper Natural Hair Trailer

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My hair has become more white than black. Pretty soon it will be silver. I’m not sure I’ll like it because my hair now is quite wired. However, it has a stil due to my Diva Cut from 2014. without further ado, my latest video, well trailer for an upcoming video.


My Natural Hair Trailer

P.S. I’ll be sharing some of my writing, too. Later.

Natural Hair Winter 2014 Update

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Well, I can’t tell you how long it’s been since my last posting. I’m here now to bring you my latest update.

In June I had a Deva Cut. Now it’s five months later. What happened? Not much. I wore a wash and go most of the time until a few weeks ago. I tried braiding it and twisting it. The best results were when it was wet. I often co-washed it with a regular conditioner from Walgreen’s. Then I discovered Trader Joe’s conditioner and now use it as my co-wash. When I needed to get rid of the buildup from the Ecco styling gel and oils, I used an apple cider vinegar mixture. It worked great.

Just a few days ago, I cut some single-strand knots from the back. During the winter, I will do this often until I go back to San Francisco to get my hair shaped again. Until then, I’ll wear more protective hairstyles. The only problem with that is when I wear my hair up, it only looks good for a few days because my hair gets so dry. So, I end up wetting and oiling my hair to add more moisture and seal that moisture into the hair.

My salt and pepper hair is starting to turn silver. I actually can’t wait until it does. I know I’ll look older, but I’m anxious to have color uniformity in my hair. So, so long and hope to hear comments from you.

Diva Cut Natural Hair Update

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I finally had to stop and post my latest video about my salt and pepper hair. I know, there are many black women out there doing the same thing. However, each of us has her own story to tell. I will describe in more detail how my hair has been growing or has been cut later in another video. So without further ado, here’s the video. 



DIY Natural Products on Graying Hair

Here’s my latest video talking about DIY hair products. I thought I wouldn’t do it myself because it can be time consuming. But I decided to try it because the store bought product was making my scalp itch. Using DIY hair products you must keep in mind to throw out the old products sooner than store bought because of mildew. So, enjoy the video.

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This video highlights the following products used: Carols Daughter Hair Milk original leave-in moisturizer, Alterna Caviar anti-aging seasilk volume conditioner, Alterna Caviar anti-aging replenishing moisture conditioner, and Tresemme naturals vibrantly smooth conditioner (with coconut oil and jojoba extract). All Alterna products are free of parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates and gluten. They are also expensive. My husband uses Alterna on his hair, too. My rediscovering of Carols Daughter surprised me in that I didn’t realize the formula she uses actually takes care of my brittle hair. I just started using it again. So, it may take some time to see improvements.

I bought a trail sample of Carol Daughters conditioning co-wash, Hair Milk original and lite, and the pudding. I also got a free sample of Hair Milk pudding with my order. I can’t wait all of the products together to see how much more manageable my hair becomes.

I have to say that it is easier for me to buy a ready made product that works on my hair than doing it myself. But, I don’t judge others that do a fabulous job of making homemade products. Kudos to you all.

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